Ten Thousand Villages

These posters were designed for Ten Thousand Villages, a nonprofit fair trade organization that sells handmade goods from artisans living in third-world countries. When you buy a handmade product, you feel a more intimate connection with the seller. You can imagine an individual tediously assembling your new purchase. You might even give them an imaginary name and a face. That’s what I wanted to focus on for this campaign, and it’s why every piece of the campaign has a handmade element to it. The large letters are die cut, and any mistakes in craftsmanship only reinforce the message that these incredibly skilled workers deserve fair wages. The posters should
be displayed side by side. When they are, the entire message reads, “Hand made – by hands more skilled than these. Fair trade – for those hands have mouths to feed.”


This stationary for Ten Thousand Villages features products the stores carry and the creators of those products. Introducing customers to a specific artisan or group will help them feel more connected to Ten Thousand Villages and its products.


The brochure for Ten Thousand Villages explains fair trade to newcomers. Its goal is to be concise and approachable.