My name is Emily. I’m a graphic designer, and before that I was a civil engineer. My engineering background gives me useful insight into the minds of those enigmatic left-brained thinkers, and it helps me take an analytical approach to problem solving.

I have a thorough knowledge of print design and a basic knowledge of web design. I have an affinity for designing things I can hold in my hands. I excel in textile design, packaging design, page layout, book design, identity design, and information design. I enjoy the user-focused aspects of web design as well, and I’m comfortable with html, CSS, and basic JavaScript.

I believe in properly aligned text, kerned letters, and tidy vector curves. I believe in considering all possible solutions, even when some of them seem impossible. I believe in establishing an intimate connection with each project I tackle and seeking fresh ways to approach old problems. I believe in creating a painless, straightforward experience for the user. And most importantly, I believe in using my talents to improve the world, even if it’s in a very tiny way.

This is my portfolio. All contents within are copyright © 2017 Emily Doliner.